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Cancel my PayPal subscription
You're logged in PayPal, now you will need to find the most recent completed transaction addressed to To do so, you'll need to click on My account, and then History.

You might need to edit the period for which transaction are displayed to find your subscription. Example : If you have an annual subscription and your last payment was in november 2010, you will need to display the transaction for that month. Don't forget to change the year, too.
Once you found the right row, with the appropriate date, amount and Completed status, you will need to display the details of that transaction. To do so, click on Details.

The following screen displays your details for that specific transaction. To edit your subscription any further, click on the blue See Related link with the transaction number
You will then find the status of your subscription. Click on Cancel Subscription to cancel your subscription. You might need to approuve this step a second time for the subscription to be really cancelled.
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